A personal touch is a beautiful thing

At Annie Maison we cherish that having a house which tells a thousand stories and in turn entertains friends and family is something very special. Today in the modern world we live in it is sometimes easy to forget how truly remarkable the craftsmanship of yesterday shaped the world we live in. To have a part of history in your home that can be passed down from generation to generation with its own special story is a magical thought.
All re-discovered pieces on Annie Maison will come with a story from history. These stories will have been passed onto us either directly from the source or through historical research and we strive to share each story as accurately as possible in all its glory.


In order to ensure each of our items stays unique and one-of-a-kind, they will only be on sale exclusively for 30 days. To convey this in the proper way on our site, we introduced a countdown timer that will only display each piece for this limited time. Once the timer ends – the item will vanish!

The key to making your home extraordinary is with Annie Maison, and our promise that only one of every item will ever be available.

We aim to inspire, and in order to achieve this we guarantee a regularly updated store, with an abundance of handpicked, unique home décor pieces for both home and garden, available to all.

We hope you enjoy browsing our brand new online store and your feedback is always greatly appreciated.

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