Create your industrial style living room

Industrial style furniture

Are you loving industrial style furniture as much as we do? Here are some pieces of furniture specially selected to help you recreate your living space into something modern and unique. To help that temptation a little more we have 30% off everything which is ending soon! How can you say no to that?

TV Cabinet

TV cabinet

Material: wood and metal
H: 56cm W: 120cm D: 41cm

Side Table

Material: wood and metal
H: 58cm W: 48cm D: 48cm

Industrial Shelves

Material: metal
H: 173cm W: 83cm D: 46cm

Large Industrial Wooden Clock

Large Industrial Wooden Clock

Material: wood and metal
H: 90cm W: 90cm D: 2cm

Cosy Lounge Chair

Material: Brazilian leather
H: 74cm W: 67cm D: 72cm

Gobi Elephant Ornament

H: 36cm W: 33cm D: 13cm