Annie Maison is fast becoming No1 for coffee in Burton.

As word spreads outstanding reviews come flooding in for Annie Maison coffeehouse since the opening in Burton on Trent on 1st November 2019. 

Since Annie Maison took the keys of 1 Station Street, Burton on Trent the team pulled together and quickly transformed the property from a white box salon to Burton’s most inspiring coffeehouse in just 2 weeks. Fast forward 4 months and the small start up with only 3 employees is making waves in the coffee market in Burton. 

What our customers say… 

“Lovely atmosphere with unique chic Style. Fantastic quality coffee. Will be visiting again 👍” Aimi Hucker

“I cannot believe I have only just found this place!!! Such a beautiful quirky coffee shop. Very good for money, nice food and best of all they had sugar free cinnamon syrup 😍
The lady that served us was so lovely, will definitely be back.

My new favourite place xx” Bryonie Walton

“Lovely friendly service, best mocha and smoothies around, food is lovely and well presented. My new favourite coffeehouse” Cherry Buckley

“Burton was always lacking a decent, high end none chain coffee shop (Staff who know the difference between a flat white, cappuccino, latte etc) but now they have one. Annie Maison is an excellent coffee shop serving very well prepared coffee and hot drinks. I took the chance to try out a flat white this morning and have a chat with the girls there who all really know their stuff. They were knowledgable, courteous and the end result was a really decent milk based coffee. Excellent interior decor and a very cool espresso machine. All this at a fair price for a hand prepared cup of coffee. Highly recommended. I’ll be back next time I’m in the area.” Andrew Starkey 

So what makes Annie Maison coffee special? 

The team at Annie Maison searched far and wide to find one of the UK leading Master Roasters who spent over 15 years gaining valuable experience and learning the art of roasting. It’s thanks to the hard work and commitment of Kev and his team that has gained them back to back “Best Taste” awards for their high grade coffee beans. 

Kev is one of the few roasters in the UK using convection roasting technology and cutting edge, bespoke coffee bean roasting equipment. His understanding of the scientific process behind roasting coffee beans is combined with his technical knowledge and sensory skills to create unique roast profiles to optimise flavours.

By combining Kev’s expertise of roasting, the finest single origin Columbian coffee beans and Annie Maisons exceptional standards of carefully preparing and serving specialty coffee within an inspiring coffeehouse is the foundations of something very special.


With Love 

Team Annie Maison